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conference - USA

27th of MAY, THURSDAY 10:00
(New York, GMT-4)




Welcome Speech, from the Consul General of Hungary in New York - ISTVÁN PÁSZTOR


Introduction of the SportTech Hungary Program by  HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency - GÁBOR JENEI


Making innovative sports technologies visible in the global market - DÁNIEL GYURTA


Introducing the sporttech market int he USA - HISHAM SHEHABI

startup pitches


Introduction - YOGANOTCH


Introduction - HEARTBIT


Introduction - PEDAL FACTORY


Introduction - SEYU - Together for Victory


Introduction - REBOUND SPORTS


Introduction - INNORIA TECH


Introduction - CODE YACHTS



Consul General of Hungary in New York

Mr. István Pásztor has been Consul General of Hungary in New York since December 2018. The Consulate General is cultivating and developing economic, business and cultural relations between Hungarian and American partners in the consular disctrict in and around New York. In addition to the cultural relations sport is becoming an area of further cooperation which promises to provide new potentials and opportunities.

This year we mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and Hungary. Since then, Hungarian American relations have come a long way. We are proud that the strength and quality of our economic relations have never been so strong. A great partnership has evolved over the past. The United States is now the second-largest investor in Hungary. Approximately 1700 American companies employ over 100,000 Hungarians. Trade between the two countries increased by almost 2.5 percent in 2019.


Deputy CEO of HEPA

Growth in export over the last years shows that Hungarian products are competitive at a global level. Companies from Hungary offer high quality, world-class and innovative products in several industries, our brave entrepreneurs believe more and more in being competitive outside the Hungarian borders.
Being a government institution HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency aims at providing high quality services in order to support the further export success of Hungarian enterprises and improve the country’s international image. We work in close co-operation with other state-owned, economic background institutions.
Our mission is to see more and more quality Hungarian products available in the international markets and Hungarian brands becoming internationally known. Our agency offers its economic diplomatic and business network as well as promotional services to achieve this goal.


Senior advisor to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Olympic champion swimmers Dániel Gyurta supports the companies as diplomatic ambassadors, primarily representing the interests of Hungarian developments in sports diplomacy and international sports organizations. The goal of the sport ambassador status, is to help the most innovative sports technology companies of the country enter and become more visible on the global market through collaborations with the most successful Hungarian professional athletes.


Dániel Gyurta is the champion of the 2012 London Olympics and the silver medalist of the 2004 Athens Games, a three-time world and two-time European champion bust. He has been a member of the International Olympic Committee since the 2016 Rio Olympics.



Hisham Sherabi was born and raised in Bahrain. Hisham brings over 10 years of experience in an array of industries including sports administration and technology.


Having also competed in the Olympics in swimming in Athens 2004, Hisham brings a unique point of view to the projects he works on.

Before founding N3XT Sports, Hisham’s most recent post was as Sports Intelligence Manager at the International Olympic Committee.


Seyu – Together for victory!

Seyu creates an opportunity for sports fans all around the world to take fan selfies, add motivating messages, and post them in real time through a moderated channel to giant screens and perimeter LED boards in sports halls and stadiums, as well as posting them to social media, while cheering on their favourite athletes or teams during matches, from thousands of kilometres away. Thanks to this service, clubs can generate additional revenue with either loyalty marketing campaigns or by tapping into the spending power of fans in remote markets. Seyu also expands the marketing platform that clubs or federations can offer to their existing sponsors, and building a desired emotional bridge between fans and the brand. Through this service, valuable user data and market intelligence can be provided to top up the CRM database of the partner or the sponsoring brand.


Padel factory

Padel is currently one of the world’s fastest growing racquet sports: it is played by 15 million people in 50 countries and is continuously spreading. Known as a combination of tennis and squash and taking the best elements from both sports it is an easy-to-play game that provides maximum excitement and multiple aerobic benefits. Padel Factory’s aim to make the sport playable all year round, regardless of weather or other conditions. Padel is mostly enjoyed outdoors, but the game’s high shots reaching heights of 8-9 metres and rigid metal structure prevent it from having a “bubble tent” around it in winter such as in tennis. This is why Padel Factory created its unique product, a custom built padel tent developed and manufactured in Hungary, which is sold domestically and in Europe. The tent has a 9-metre height and a structure that can be rolled up for Spring or Summer use to let air pass through while keeping players dry. In addition, Padel Factory also builds new padel courts and have created a franchise model for clubs, which requires a turnkey solution for operation.



HeartBit aims to advance the future of smart performance activewear with a built-in medical-level heart health monitoring system. Heartbit’s smart performance activewear accurately monitors the heart’s stress levels, delivering in-app advanced insights and assessments of cardiac health. Running, outdoor, indoor, cycling, rowing, gym or training: whatever your exercise of choice, do it safely and be expertly informed with Heartbit.

HeartBit is the world’s first brand to incorporate a three-lead bipolar ECG heart health system into smart performance activewear. The smart performance activewear accurately monitors the heart’s stress levels, providing unprecedented assessments of cardiac health, detecting early signs of arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and other potential anomalies.



The Yoganotch is a customisable device that digitises human movement, and can be attached to the body. The sensors detect poor posture during yoga exercises, and they provide real-time feedback and guidance for correct posture. The company focuses primarily on the yoga market, but the technology can be utilised in other areas; this requires the purchase of a development system that can be used to digitise specific movement elements.

YN_C_D_H_2423x copy.jpg

Code Yachts

CODE Yachts is a Hungarian sailing boat design and manufacturing company that manufactures eight- and ten-metre long, carbon racing boats. In 2020, the production of both the CODE8 and CODE10 racing boats was further developed with the aim of introducing them in foreign markets. Not only do these boats perform successfully on lakes, but the CODE10 can also be used safely at sea and in the ocean. They were present in four countries in 2020, and aim is to expand this to twelve in 2021. All CODE boats are built with outstanding precision and are durable, impressive and safe to sail, in addition to which they have a Germanischer Lloyd certificate for voyages around the world.


Innoria Tech

Innoria Tech’s Team Flow System is the first in the world to measure and develop collaborative performance in a team. The product achieves this with EEG-based brainwave analysis. The peak performance of individuals and teams depends on mental attitudes and synchronisation. With the Team Flow System, team dysfunction under pressure can be avoided. It improves attention, the quality of decision-making and team unity, and besides accelerating regeneration. An integrated AI coach automatically trains teams, synchronising up to eight athletes at a time and enabling them to perform at their collective best on the field. In addition to its benefit for teams, it is also used in the training of individual athletes, and is currently used in preparations for the World Championships and the Olympics.

Rebound Sports

Rebound Sports Kft. is an emerging Hungarian company that designs and constructs tennis courts. In addition to their domestic work, they have also gained an increasingly acclaimed reputation in the world of international tennis over the years. Thanks to their mobile hard-surfaced tennis court systems, which can be built and dismantled in a matter of hours, they have also become important players in tennis federations and tournament organisers in many European countries. Thanks to their further innovation, in addition to their hard-surfaced mobile courts, this year they are also able to provide red clay-covered mobile courts, currently the only tennis court construction company to do so in the world.


technical details & the MODERaTORs

The event will be hosted by the Embassy of Hungary in Washington, D.C. and the Consulate General of Hungary in New York.
The event takes about 90 minutes. The chat wall will be active during the startup pitches, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send it us. ​ You can ask your questions through the message board. Feel free to join to our webinar! ​
The program is broadcast using the Zoom Webinar platform.

dr. Miklós Gór-Nagy

Economic Attaché of Hungary in NYC,

Water polo world champion

dr. Krisztián Janzsó

Head of the Economic and Trade Section

Embassy of Hungary in Washington D.C.



The goal of SportTech Hungary is to find the latest technological achievements related to sports and sports health and to exploit the network of revenues built by our most successful athletes during their careers, and to unleash the creativity and business potential of the most promising programs in Hungarian sports technology companies. It helps companies with international contact capital, visibility, good practices for entering international markets and mentoring. In addition, the goal is to take advantage of the exceptional global network that our most successful athletes have built in their careers to date, and to unleash the creativity and business potential that is concentrated in the most promising Hungarian sports technology companies.  

The program builds on the mutually beneficial cooperation of diplomacy, business and the sports world: by disseminating sports innovations, Hungarian sports life, innovative companies and thus the national economy can benefit from the system of relations between ambassadors and foreign missions. The initiative is also intended to offer a new career path for both retired and active athletes, as well as an opportunity to develop an athletic environment and business culture that invests in and supports innovation. 





He has won the Hungarian championship and the Hungarian Super Cup three times with the team. DVSC. After his years in Debrecen, he has visited several foreign clubs, such as PSV Eindhoven, the Anzhi Makhachkala team, Dynamo Moscow, Bursaspor and the United Arab Emirates. With the Hungarian National Team, as a team captain he reached the eighth final at the 2016 European Championship. Balázs Dzsudzák has been in the National Team 108 times so far and has scored 20 goals, if he enters the field in another match, he will be alone at the top of the eternal rankings, leaving Gábor Király.




fm2 copy.png

In 2009, he won the junior Grand Slam in doubles at the US Open, and a year later, he became a world leader among juniors thanks to his individual championship title at Wimbledon. In 2016, he made his first adult Grand Slam main event. 2018 can be considered a year of breakthrough when he won the first ATP tournament of his career in Geneva. In the 2020 season, he made it to the eighth final in every Grand Slam tournament, making him currently 51st in the world rankings. He has been a member of the ATP TOP 100 since 2018.





In 2011, as the first Hungarian player of all time, the team of the multiple NBA champion San Antonio Spurs took his player rights. In 2017, he was certified for one of the best basketball teams in Europe, Barcelona, ​​where he now plays in a management position. Since his certification to the team, they have won two silver medals at the Spanish Basketball Championship. Ádam was promoted to deputy team captain in the summer. He is also an active member of the management of the Euroleague Players' Union (ELPA).




She has represented Hungary three times so far, in Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro, at the Paralympic Games as a member of the Hungarian Paralympic Team. In 2019, she became a world champion at 100 meters in London. His coach is Álmos Szabó, the head of the Paras Swimming Department of Vasas SC. This is the first department in Hungary that specializes in the discovery, training and development of para-swimmers in a non-integrated club environment.




He is a world champion in speed skating, in 2017 he became a 500 m, 1000 m, 1500 m and complex junior world champion. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, he won an Olympic championship as a member of the relay. At the 2019 European Championships, he won a gold medal in 5,000 meters and 500 meters in the individual with a relay, while he won a bronze medal in 3,000 meters. He won a gold medal at 1,500 meters, a silver medal in 500 meters at the European Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships in Debrecen, and for the first time won the complex European Championship title.



Sándor Liu

In March 2014, he won a gold medal at the Junior World Championships and a World Champion at the 2016 Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Championships. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, he won an Olympic championship as a member of the 5,000-meter relay. In 2017, he won his first individual European Championship gold medal. At the 2019 European Championships, he won a gold medal in 1,500 meters and relay, and a silver medal in 1,000 meters and 500 meters, so he finished first in the composite as the first Hungarian speed skater. He won a gold medal at the European Short Skating Championships in Debrecen in 500 meters. 





Motorcycle racer. The real breakthrough came for the Red Bull KTM team in 2005, when they won their first race victories in Mugello, Assen and Qatar. In 2007 he was certified for the Aspar Aprilia team and after a close season he became a world champion in the MotoGP 125 cm³ category, as the first and only Hungarian in 2009 he was also the only Hungarian driver in the MotoGP category to win 19 world championship points in 12 races. In 2014, he founded his own team called Talmácsi Racing.






Ágnes Kovács is an Olympic champion, two-time world and seven-time European champion, multiple World Cup winner, hereditary Hungarian champion swimmer. She has been holding the Hungarian peak of the 200-meter women's breaststroke for 20 years, which is currently the oldest national swimming record in Hungary. He is the only Hungarian swimmer to return home with a gold medal for the most prestigious world competitions of the year between 1997 and 2001. She was a member of the Hungarian swimming team for 13 years, during this time she closed all international competitions in points. She has been voted the best swimmer in Europe several times, and during her active years, she has been mentioned among the best athletes in the world. She has three degrees and is currently a doctoral student at the University of Physical Education, a committee member and lecturer at domestic and international sports science conferences, and an international ambassador for the university. Her research topic is the relationship between elite athletes and the media in Hungary at the beginning of the 21st century. She graduated from UC Berkeley, USA as a certified executive coach and also works as a coach. Ágnes Kovács built her career with outstanding awareness, it was important for her from the very beginning to find a balance between continuous learning and preparation for competitions.




Dániel Gyurta is an Olympic champion, three-time world and two-time European champion Hungarian swimmer. He exploded at the forefront at the 2004 Athens Olympics when he was just 15 years old. In the semi-finals of the 200-meter breaststroke, he reached the finals with the best time, where he won a silver medal. In 2006 in Helsinki, then in 2007 in Debrecen, he became the short-track European champion with 200 breasts, and at the 2008 Olympics, he finished in 5th place. For years, he dominated the 200-meter breaststroke competitions. At the 2009 World Championships in Rome, he became a world champion with a European summit. He crowned his career at the 2012 London Olympics when he won an Olympic gold medal with a world record. He received the International Fair Play Award in 2013 for his sportiness. Since retiring in 2018, he has completed his sports diplomacy career, contributing his knowledge and experience to the success of the country with his knowledge and experience as Chief Ministerial Adviser.